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Atlus signs 'family-friendly' Wii puzzler Octomania for North America

Jason Dobson

Atlus' long history of niche import localizations has extended to nearly every genre under the sun, from turn-based strategy and role-playing to games like Cubivore that simply defy convention altogether. Now, however, it appears that the publisher is looking to carve out its own slice of the growing casual games space, as Atlus USA has inked an agreement to distribute Idea Factory's multiplayer "family friendly" puzzle game Octomania for the Wii in North America.

The cephalopod-centric game was developed under the watchful eye of Puyo Puyo mastermind Moo Niitani, and promises addictive color-matching gameplay not all that dissimilar from Compile's classic puzzler. Even better, the title boasts multiplayer gameplay, both locally and online, though given the game's March 11 release chances are the lion's share of Wii owners will be too busy playing a certain other game to give Octomania the time of day.

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