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Bonjour SCX-4500W: Apple's favorite Samsung multi-function printer goes wireless


Samsung's sexy little multi-function, monochrome laser printer, copier, and color scanner just hit the FCC with a tiny surprise: 802.11b/g WiFi and 10/100 Ethernet. That's right, Sammy's Swan (aka, SCX-4500) now comes in a SCX-4500W version supporting Windows, Mac, and Linux machines; LPR, IPP/HTTP, DHCP, and BOOTP protocols; and WEP or WPA Personal WiFi encryption. As a bonus, it also supports Bonjour to make network detection for your Mac (and suitably installed PCs) a snap. Not really a surprise since the SCX-4500W made its first US appearance exclusively in Apple's retail stores. No word on when it will pop for retail, but we expect it to snag a $300 or so price tag. FCC glamor shot after the break.

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