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DICE 08: Quirky indie hit 'Juno' to birth a game

Did juno they're making a game based on the blockbuster – and Oscar-nominted – indie hit Juno? Of course, it's not just Hollywood rudely reaching across the entertainment table for video game IPs they can twist and snap into a movie mold (yeah, we're looking right at you Dungeon Siege), game makers are pretty good at it too (now we're looking at you Dirty Dancing: The Game). And now GameSpot brings us news that Juno will be the next lucky film to be rudely dragged across the digital divide, though we're still not clear who the developer is.

During a panel at the D.I.C.E. Summit in Las Vegas, "intellectual-property migration specialist" (they have those?) Keith Boesky said, "People are making a game based on Juno just to cater to the [casual] market." While he didn't specify anything at all about the game, another panelist was Minho Kim – director of operations at free-to-play, microtransaction-driven game pub Nexon America – leading GameSpot to wonder aloud "if it would follow Nexon's free-to-play business model." Just brainstorming here, but the property seems ripe for microtransactions ... just look at all those layers. Jeans and a skirt? Cha-ching!

[Update: Not so fast, folks.]

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