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Dojo update: A fiery addition to the cast


Today's spoiler is a biggie folks, so if you have any interest in playing Brawl with fresh, untainted eyes, you'll want to not head past the post break.

A highly useful fighter in Melee, Fire Emblem series regular Marth is to return in Brawl, and becomes available after players have taken part in ten brawls, finished Classic mode on any difficulty level, and recruited Marth for their party in the Subspace Emissary. As in Melee, mastering your use of Marth's sword will prove key, with the tip of the weapon dealing out more damage (12%) than a close-up attack (8%).

The blue-haired one is packing a powerful Final Smash as well, with a single swipe of his sword smiting anybody who's foolish enough to be close by. Its name, "Critical Hit," seems entirely appropriate, and its execution even brings up a Fire Emblem-esque life gauge, a cute nod to the series.



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