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Max Payne filming to start next month

Justin McElroy

OK, think fast: Of the many rumored game-based film projects you've heard of on the horizon, which one would you guess is actually, really getting ready to start filming? Did you say Max Payne, which last graced game shelves with a new title five years ago? No? Well, then, you'll be as surprised as we were to learn that the film starts shooting next month. Oh ... and it stars Mark Wahlberg. We knew that already, we just hadn't really dealt with it yet.

As for a pedigree, it's being directed by John Moore of Behind Enemy Lines and Flight of the Phoenix fame from a script by Beau Thorne on what is his absolute first IMDB credit. Ah well, everybody has to start somewhere, right? What better place than on an IP we're not sure anybody cares about anymore anyway?

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