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N96 leaked on Nokia's German site?

Chris Ziegler

At first glance, the pretty real-looking N96 spotted in the wild late last year looked like little more than an N95 updated to match the new Nseries design language debuted by the N81. If specs leaked (and since apparently pulled) on Nokia's German site turn out to be accurate when the phone presumably debuts at Mobile World Congress next week, it'll turn out that the assumption isn't exactly true. While it'll carry over the 3.5mm jack, 5 megapixel camera, WiFi, and AGPS, it seems the new king of the Nseries hill will begin life as a quadband GSM / EDGE handset with HSDPA on the 850 and 2100MHz bands, supporting Europe and Australia while forgoing North America. There's a DVB-H tuner in there, too, but here's the best part: the phone's going to sport a nice, thick 16GB chunk of internal Flash -- in addition to a microSD slot! We'll hold off on calling this thing a winner until we see it in person, but other than the lack of HSDPA 1900, there's nary a spec in the list that we find ourselves frowning over. Guess we'll have to wait a few months for an Americanized version again, hmm?

[Via IntoMobile, thanks Khattab]

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