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Sega announces 'English of the Dead' for DS


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Fans of the quirky Dreamcast classic Typing of the Dead will be elated to hear that Sega has not abandoned its sense of humor (or its love of zombie education). Via the latest issue of Famitsu Weekly comes news that Sega is developing English of the Dead for the Nintendo DS.

As you might guess, English of the Dead is a language training game, along the lines of Ubisoft's My French Coach. Using a version of House of the Dead 2 ported to DS (!), the game challenges players to correctly translate words into English from Japanese in order to ward off attacking zombies. Other modes include zombies that speak English out loud, where players must translate what they're saying.

While this exact game probably won't find its way to the States, it would be amazing if Sega were to use the same premise and apply it to other languages (like French of the Dead, which we've conceptualized above). We'll keep our fingers crossed. In the meantime, check out the Famitsu scans after the break.

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