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Surfer Girl gives BOOM BLOX praise as we continue to come around

Candace Savino

We were heavily criticized for our initial (and, okay, harsh) opinions about BOOM BLOX. Even though we softened up to the game after seeing the trailer, we can't say we were behind it all along. Some people were, though, like the notorious Surfer Girl.

Surfer Girl, who is famous in the world of video games for her endless flow of industry rumors, thinks very highly of the title. In fact, she calls it "this year's best third-party Wii game." Those are certainly some strong words, and although she doesn't elaborate on why the game is so great, she does say it's a fun puzzle experience.

So, who will be eating crow, us or Surfer Girl? It's too early to tell, but we're ready for some humble pie if the game turns out to be as amazing as she says.


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