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Today in Joystiq: February 7, 2008

Ross Miller

The above image was captured from the GameTap client hours ago, with the special note: "Uru: Myst Online Live" with the subtitle "Experience never-ending online adventure." Joystiq readers, say hello to irony.
(Thanks, Patrick)

Check out the highlights for today:

Metareview - Devil May Cry 4 (Xbox 360, PS3)
Today's nerdiest audio: Street Fighter songs
X3F Week in Review: February 1, 2008 - February 7, 2008

React Recharge Dock powers 4 Wiimotes for $50
Finally! Assassin's Creed DS gameplay
GameTap Thursday: Get down with your Bagh Chal self
Atlus signs 'family-friendly' Wii puzzler Octomania for North America
Nintendo says no to MMOs
Sega announces 'English of the Dead' for DS
DICE 08: Pirates director urges creativity in keynote
Legendary to open this summer for Xbox 360, PS3, PC
DICE 08: Quirky indie hit 'Juno' to birth a game
Max Payne filming to start next month
THQ announces Band Mashups, Wii exclusive rhythm game for April
Suda51 talks Xbox 360, American market
Steam hits 15 million users
Cell down to 45nm, PS3 production costs to slim too
ESRB: Number of M-rated games declined in 2007
Pirates vs. Ninja Dodgeball: robot contenders profiled
Twisted Metal PS3 revealed in hidden code
PopCap denies Peggle DS 'rumor'
Call of Duty 4 overtakes Halo 3 again, tops Xbox Live Activity
Burnout Paradise DLC explained
Circuit City to expand used game sales program
Namco Bandai blames Wii for arcade closures
PSN Thursday: Lost Planet demo, Go! Sports Skydiving

Rumors & Speculation
Rumor: Viacom bidding $1.5 billion to take over Take-Two
Rumor: BioWare not involved with Star Wars MMO

Culture & Community
Zero Punctuation hears the Call of Duty
Ziff Davis reorganizes, changes review scoring
Gerstmann talks firing on X-Play tonight
"Paper" Mario comes to life in art project

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