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TR's Chinese New Year late?

Chris Chester

Earlier last month the Destination Games crew announced that they'd be honoring the Chinese New Year in Tabula Rasa by sticking some black, blue, orange, yellow, and red fireworks in the pack of every member of the AFS in good faith. I was looking forward to seeing the mini fireworks shows that were bound to spring up in Foreas Base and all the other big player hubs. So you can imagine my confusion when I log on today and find no goodies waiting for me! Was the Chinese New Year delayed?

Sort of, it would seem. I logged onto my new Forean hybrid and started going about all the newbie motions in the Forean Wilderness when I spotted GM_Bellum putting on a little fireworks show around the Alia Das waypoint. He wished me a Happy Year of the Rat and traded me some fireworks. I asked him when the event was starting, as the original announcement had pegged the event for today, February 7th. He said he'd just jumped the gun a bit with the fireworks, and wandered off. By all indications, I would assume that they'll announce the celebration tomorrow, as Fridays have always been their favorite day to announce things.

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