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With M-16 in hand, CoD4 regains Xbox Live crown

Dustin Burg

The gloves have officially come off as we declare the start of round number three ... FIGHT!

According to Major Nelson's list of most played Xbox Live games, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare has again (for the second time) taken the Live crown and bumped a very stubborn Halo 3 to the second slot. Juicy good! Not two weeks ago, CoD4 was crowned the most played Xbox Live game of the week, but then last week Halo 3 shifted from second to first. Now, this week, we see another hard fought switcheroo. Again, we welcome you to voice your ever important opinion on this Halo 3 versus CoD4 Xbox Live war in the comments section below. Be civil and be 100% fanboy.

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