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By the way, T-Mobile now offering Samsung t639 everywhere

Chris Ziegler

We doubt anyone was too broken up about it, but up until this week, T-Mobile's Samsung t639 clamshell was only being sold in certain markets. Why's that, you ask? If we had to venture a guess, we'd say it's because the t639 is one of T-Mobile's very first few handsets to support UMTS on the 1700MHz AWS band, the carrier's unique flavor of 3G that has run into its fair share of hiccups on the long road to national availability. Anyway, yeah, T-Mobile is still trying its darndest to downplay any presence of 3G here, and indeed, in most of the country you'll be operating on plain ol' EDGE if you pick this bad boy up. Look for it to run $50 on contract after rebates.

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