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Catch these Ninja Reflex screens in your chopsticks


It's no Wii, but the DS still has its fair share of mini-game compilations. Nevertheless, the crucial ingredient of ninja means we feel compelled to cover Ninja Reflex, EA's forthcoming selection of ninja-based party games.

More information on the once mysterious title has stealthily found its way to our inboxes, including the news that the game will feature a series of six reflex-honing martial arts challenges. These include such exercises as hunting koi with your bare hands, taking down attackers with either shurikens, nunchucks, or a samurai sword, testing your quickness against the flash of a firefly, and catching flies with chopsticks. Regrettably, there is a crushing lack of painting fences or waxing cars.

Having prepared with EA's game, we appreciate some people will want to go one step further, and become a full-time ninja. If you are one such person, you'll want to head here for full instructions. Thank us later.


[Via press release]

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