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DreamBook Light IL1 runs on VIA, won't run ASUS out of business


The Eee PC has certainly turned into a sort of rallying point for obscure laptop manufacturers and OEMs, and now Pioneer Computers Australia is getting in on the action. From what we can tell, the DreamBook Light IL1 is a relatively unique shell wrapped around VIA's reference C7-M design. The 7-inch LCD runs at 800 x 480, and the 1GHz processor is backed by up to 1GB of RAM. Most interesting here is the absolute configurability, from OS choice (including Vista, XP and Ubuntu) to connectivity, but unfortunately it comes at a price: the $499 AUD ($446 US) base model doesn't even include WiFi. Looks like this round goes to ASUS, but we like where this all is headed.

[Via jkkmobile]

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