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DS Daily: Register your name


This morning, our friend and colleague Alisha is off gifting the world with the very latest DS Fanboy: a new consumer with nearly endless need for training, and for whom every control scheme is novel. In other words, a baby infant. We'd like to extend premature (as of writing time) congratulations!

The impending baby got us thinking about video games, as we desperately try to make things do. Specifically, game-related baby names. Everyone reading this blog is a huge nerd, and nerds do things like naming things after game characters. What's your hard drive's volume label? What's your cat's name?

We wonder if there's anyone out there bold enough, or disinterested enough in the kid's well-being, to have given their offspring a game character name, or to plan to do so in the future. Any baby Luigis out there? Otacon? Marth? Diddy? Agent Chieftain? Lolo? Phoenix? How about a Samus? Zangief? Vic Viper? Pyramid Head? Gas-O? Corn? Waiter Skeleton? Heat Man? Two-P?

Somebody please name a kid Zangief.

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