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Earthlink CEO says cutting off Helio was a "difficult decision"


It's hardly been a secret that Helio was causing some problems for Earthlink, but the company's CEO has just now weighed in himself on the matter, offering some comments on the situation and Helio's now former CEO Sky Dayton in one of those always exciting earnings calls. As mocoNews reports, Earthlink's Rolla Huff says the company "made hard decisions around getting our cost structure down," including the "very difficult not continue making incremental investments in Helio." Huff apparently laid none of the blame on Helio's Sky Dayton, however, saying simply that "Sky has a history of creating and building strong brands and he's done a great job at that with Helio," and that they "very much appreciate his willingness to be involved in getting Helio to this point in its life cycle." Of course, that was hardly the entire purpose of the call, and those concerned with the nitty gritty of earnings details can get their fix by hitting up the read link below.

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