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Elekit's TU-873KEII tube amplifier for DIYers who can


Fancy yourself a do-it-yourselfer? Have a taste for the acoustic warmth our audiophile friends swear can only be delivered by vacuum tubes? Good, we've got the amp for you. Elekit of Japan just introduced their flagship TU-873KEII tube amplifier with a price set at ¥83,790 (about $780). The amp has a rated output of 8W x 2ch (8ohm), 10Hz - 50kHz frequency response, 106dB S/N ratio, and pretty blue ring up front to compliment your glowing tubes. You can even swap out the tubes until the sound is just right. With a March production run of just 300 units you might even have it assembled in time for Summer.

[Via Impress]

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