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Feeder 1.5 kicks some RSS


Feeder 1.5, a venerable champion in the area of RSS and podcast feed creation, editing and publishing just hit the scene with a host of improvements. In addition to an updated interface for Leopard, it improves on editing, video podcasting, enclosure redirects and more.

I'm pretty excited about the fact that Feeder's Sparkle support has been updated to automatically generate MD5 sums and DSA signatures, as well as handle password-less SFTP. If that's not your thing, you can get your RSS kicks in the improved template editor and support for the Media RSS extension that allows the inclusion of thumbnails in search engines and programs like Miro. And, in keeping with the times, the improved performance in tagging MP4 files will help anyone publishing for iPod, iPhone or Apple TV.

Feeder has a 15 day free trial and costs $29 to register. Version 1.5 is a free upgrade for all 1.x users. Check it out at Reinvented Software.

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