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Mastiff digests Major League Eating game license

Jason Dobson

It's difficult to decide if we're more intrigued or disgusted with publisher Mastiff's announcement that it has gobbled up the license to release games based on "gurgitory" competition organization Major League Eating. While we still have no idea what platforms, or frankly what audiences Mastiff is targeting, the publisher says that Major League Eating: The Game will play "like a fighting game," as players "show brilliant on-screen eating; a mastery of offensive and defensive weapons including burps, belches, and mustard gas; and of course the technical mastery necessary to avoid emptying one's stomach in a vividly colored reversal of fortune." Honestly, we can't make this stuff up.

Truth be told, it's difficult to imagine exactly how these games will pan out, though Mastiff has not yet responded to our inquiry as to whether or not the stomach-centric gameplay will be easier to swallow when soaked in water.

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