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PGR4 DLC brings new cars, modes, achievements

Kyle Orland

Not content to let their premiere racer rest with just a release and a quick update, Bizarre Creations is offering up new downloadable content for Project Gotham Racing 4. The content is split into two downloadable packs:

Free Challenge Pack (free download!)
  • A playable, hydrogen-powered Peugeot Flux
  • Tourist Mode - Just drive around the city and admire the scenery with no explicit goal
  • "Free Roam" Cat and Mouse Mode - Implements the delayed updates previously discussed here
  • Seven unlockable achievements
Premium Challenge Pack (400 MS points)
Includes all the content of the Free Challenge Pack, PLUS:
  • Seven new cars - Including the "1987 BMW M3 E30 DTM," whatever that means
  • World Challenge Arcade Mode - With 20 new events in three themed chapters
  • Three more unlockable achievements
The packs will be available for download on Feb. 14, just in time to play Cat and Mouse with your valentine.

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