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PTR up "soon," WSG changes coming

Mike Schramm

Maybe you thought because it was Friday night that you could avoid new WoW news? Think again-- Tigole has posted on the forums that the PTR is coming up "soon," and the PTR forums have been reset in anticipation (unfortunately the forums have gone down due to all the chaos). We're not expecting the patch until Tuesday, so throwing it up tonight would be a very Blizzard thing for Blizzard to do. As Eliah said before, too, character transfers are up and running, so all signs point to Blizzard springing this on us very soon.

Tigole also says to watch WSG when the PTR comes back up, as there will be lots of changes. Their goal is to keep the gameplay similar, he says, while ending the turtling and flag kiting. Should be interesting. We're around this evening and will keep you updated if we see any notes.

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