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Public awareness of DTV transition up 80% since 2006, some still in the dark

Darren Murph

We've already heard the NTIA's plans to educate consumers as the digital TV transition draws ever closer here in America, and apparently, the efforts so far have been fairly successful. According to new research released by the Consumer Electronics Association, consumer awareness of the looming switchover is up 80-percent since 2006. The study also points out that 72-percent of respondents were schooled courtesy of ads seen on television, while 39-percent heard it through the grapevine (read: "friends and family") and 26-percent found out from the intarwebs. 'Course, we also heard that a whopping 22-percent of folks "had no plans" for the cutover last November, so we're sure there's still a few OTA-only homes out there that have a real shocker comin'.

[Via Widescreen Review]

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