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Sony vaults to top of latest North American LCD sales rankings, Samsung still king overall

Darren Murph

Betcha didn't see this one coming. After Vizio and Samsung battled over the last few quarters for LCD supremacy here in North America, Sony has ratcheted up to number one after boosting its market share in said region from 9.7-percent to 12.8-percent. According to new research from DisplaySearch, Sony was the leading brand in the 40- to 44-inch, 45- to 49-inch and 50- to 54-inch LCD segments. 'Course, Samsung still remained king of the overall flat-panel market (and notched silver medals in both LCD and plasma sales), but it was Panasonic holding onto the top spot overall in PDP market share. Where's Vizio, you ask? Clinging to the bronze in both LCD and overall flat-panel sales. Hit the read link for lots more numbers -- if you're into that type of stuff, that is.

[Via Widescreen Review]

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