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Sorry, no Xbox Originals Conker or Jade Empire

Dustin Burg

We're sorry to burst the sixteen or so Xbox Originals fans who were eagerly anticipating the rumored downloadable versions of Conker: Live & Reloaded and Jade Empire, because they aren't releasing anytime soon.

Earlier this week we found out that new Conker and Jade Empire press materials mysteriously popped up on one of Microsoft's FTP websites, which made us jump to the conclusion that both games were headed to the land of Xbox Originals. But our speculation was a bit ... erm, wrong. We recently found out that the Conker and Jade Empire press materials were uploaded to to the FTP site per the request of trivia website Kwanzoo. You see, Kwanzoo will be launching new video game trivia in the next few weeks and in preparation, got in touch with Microsoft to request images of older Xbox titles. This is why the images were uploaded to the FTP press site, for trivia's sake.

So, no Xbox Originals Conker or Jade Empire, but look on the bright side. You won't have to even think about spending 1200 Microsoft points on either game and you have Xbox trivia to look forward to. See, not too bad now is it?

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