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Valentine's Day for the gamer in your life


Valentine's Day might be all about spending ridiculous amounts of money on crap sharing sweet moments with that special someone, but that doesn't mean that those moments -- and the gifts -- can't be tailored to your specific quirks. If you're blessed with a significant other with a particular gaming-related fandom, why not get creative and find gaming-friendly ways to juice up the holiday? Wii Fanboy is here to help, of course, with some holiday gift ideas for all the gamers out there who view the approaching holiday with the utmost dread. From the traditional candy and glittering jewelry to ... well, gifts of a more unique variety, we've got everything you need (if it's Nintendo-related).

And, for the really clueless, we've also got some handy tips on what not to buy. Valentine's Day gift-giving can be dangerous. You don't want to be beaten with violence when your S.O. starts opening boxes, after all.


Heart attack in a box, i.e. delicious candy, is a Valentine's Day staple, so we couldn't ignore it here. However, there's no reason to limit yourself to the shelves in the local grocery store. May we recommend these options?

These little mushrooms are too precious, and conveniently filled with candy. You can remove the included sweets and replace them with your love's favorite, or maybe even mix and match. The best part? Unlike most V-Day candies, after you've munched your last, you still have an adorable (and refillable!) collectible.

Find it here: fractalspin (and they also have lots of other holiday-appropriate gift options!)
A steal at: $3.00 apiece

For Nintendo fans, you just really can't go wrong with mascot-decorated candy items. Sure, you could spend time trying to track down some Pez dispensers or something, or you could just hit up this place and look around.

Find it here: Amazon, or at the makers, Au'some, Inc. Otherwise, get a-Googling.
Priced at: Varies with the item. The above is available for $7.99 at Amazon.

What you should have done: Ordered Mii chocolates when we first posted them, since they're now sold out.

Do Not: Attempt to make your own Mii chocolates or candy carts or completely awesome cupcakes ... unless, of course, you're really good at those things. In which case, get to it (and send us some pictures!).


Jewelry is another safe gift for Valentine's Day, but not everyone is particularly interested in diamonds and pearls ... especially when you can have controllers and medals instead.

Retro plus glitter equals win -- we know this thanks to science. Make 'em earrings, and you can't go wrong. These SNES-inspired earrings are easy on the wallet, as well, for the shopper on a budget.

Find them at: Etsy, courtesy of mlleclorofil
A steal at: $6.00

Frankly, these custom high score bracelets are among the most bad ass things we've ever seen. Turns out you can take it -- it being your score -- with you. They're pretty gender-neutral, too!

Find them at: Etsy, courtesy of pixelparty
Score one for: $18.00

It's always fun when you can mix more than one fandom into a blend of ubergeekery, and this shirt tickles us to no end. Screw the cheerleader -- we know where the real action is.

Find it at: ThinkGeek
Snag it for: $16.99 or less

Do Not: Offer up the idea of a sexy and fun evening of cosplay ... unless, of course, your lover happens to be into that. This time, you can probably skip the pictures for us. We don't need to know what goes on behind closed doors. Really. Have a blast, though.


You can always take a left turn away from tradition and try to find some really off-the-wall way to express your love for that special someone come Valentine's Day. Jewelry and flowers get old, after all.

Traditional gift: his-and-hers teddy bears or bunnies or some such. Gamers' gift? Lolo and Lala. Soft, sweet, and packed full of old school.

Find them at: Etsy, courtesy of obesolete
Pricey at: $40.00 for the pair

What's sweeter than a loveseat? After all, it has love right there in the name, and you can sit on it with your special someone and play together. While this particular choice is a little, uh, ridiculous (yet cool), a new loveseat (or sofa) can make a particularly surprising gift if presented properly.

Find it at: flavour design
Your wallet am cry: $3500 and up

If you happen to have more than a little artistic skill (or can apply decals), it might be sweet to do a little home improvement for your loved one. While this idea won't work for everyone, for those who find it appealing ... well, as we say, the couple that paints Mario together, stays together.

Find it: Inside your artistic soul
Cost: Varies, obviously

Do Not: Tattoo your partner while they sleep (that's some heavy sleeping) with the gaming icon of their choice, or shave same into the family pet, or paint rooms in the home (if shared) without their permission. These things are not romantic!


It wouldn't be a Nintendo Fanboy gift guide if we didn't also include some games. All the best gaming couples play together, after all.

What better way to express your affection than with a heartfelt promise to beat the snot out of your loved one on a daily basis? If you haven't yet preordered Super Smash Bros Brawl, this is as good a time as any! The same goes for Mario Kart Wii. Promise your partner a future multiplayer experience you can both cherish.

Find them at: The retail outlet of your choice
Available for: $49.99 if you pay in full

Speaking of preorders, you can always order that special someone their own wireless Guitar Hero III controller, or make up a fancy, decorated IOU promising them one as soon as they're available. For those couples separated by distance, or who own two Wiis, you could also take advantage of the sale on GHIII at TRU. Nothing says love like rocking out.

Find these options at: Toys 'R' Us
Priced at: Varies with item

And speaking of Guitar Hero, you might also look at awesome ways of personalizing your partner's guitar, such as with these guitar straps inspired by I am 8-bit. Or, if you prefer a real strap that you can adapt, the company in question has those, too.

Snag one at: Couch
Rock out for: $32.95

Do Not: Preorder or promise Wii Fit, even if your significant other is looking forward to it. This is akin to saying, yes, that does make you look fat. There are easier ways to commit relationship suicide.

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