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What you really want to know about the patch 2.4 notes

Mike Schramm

Yeah yeah, the full patch notes are a good read, but why read those when we can pull the good stuff out? Here's what we thought was big in patch 2.4:

  • Sunwell is inc! Also, the island where the Shattered Sun Offensive is fighting is called the Isle of Quel'Danas.
  • There's a Keeper of Time to take players in Shattrath to the Caverns of Time
  • Spell haste changes are in, as well as item casting changes (items that cast spells will do so at player's level now), and more intellect will now regenerate more mana per Spirit
  • Find Treasure doesn't deactivate on death anymore, but there's nothing about Find Herbs, Find Minerals, or any of the other tracking spells
  • Fear Ward usable in Shadowform (meh, say shadow priests)
  • A whole host of spells that weren't penalized at lower ranks are now penalized
  • Earth Shield nerfed-- mana cost lowered and charges dropped from 10 to 6, and Shamans get a default UI totem timer
  • Ritual of Summoning can bring players into instances now
  • Warrior Endless Rage is fixed, and now you can't change into a stance that you're currently in
  • Honor instantly calculated, since there are no diminishing returns
  • Warmasters and marshals in AV now share each other's health, and Horde starting point has been moved south
  • WSG changes: when both flags are held for 10 mins, flag carriers take more damage, increases over time. Also, flag carriers can be tracked after holding flag for 45 seconds.
  • Enchanting: Void Crystal to Large Prismatic, and Defense +15 to chest
  • Rocket Boots nerf is in there-- players carrying flag in WSG will drop it when boots are activated
  • 25man bosses drop more cash and an extra set token
  • No attunments for Hyjal and Black Temple any more (players who've completed Attunement will get "Hand of Ad'al" title)
  • Vashj and Kael can be fought without finishing all other bosses in the instance
  • Undead and Mechanical can bleed, elementals not always immune to poison and disease effects (though nature-based elementals will be immune to nature poisons and effects)
  • Level 70 superior quality PvP items from rep vendors
  • Weightstones and sharpening stones now work while shapeshifted
  • Lots of UI changes, including new options screen
Whew! Even as a summary, that's a lot of notes. Players aren't exactly excited about the patch on the forums, but odds are there's something pretty big that affects you in there.

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