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Wii PC solves the problem of Wii being too small, quiet


Modder rareemotionz performed some big-time science and made a beautiful hybrid Wii-PC thing. Well, actually it's just a Wii crammed into a high-end PC's case, but the case matches the Wii nicely. The Wii is connected to the PC's video out via a GameBridge device, making it possible to switch over the display to the Wii in Windows. Despite labeling this creation as both the ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE and HANDS DOWN THE BEST OUT!! in custom PCs, rareemotionz has seen fit to let his beloved contraption out into the wild on eBay.

We could see such a convergence device being of use to Wiimote-ologists like our own Mike Sylvester, who spend enough time going between the computer and the system to benefit from a merged unit. We also see this unit as proof that the Wii really does look like an internal disc drive. Look, there it is as an internal disc drive!

[Via GameSniped]

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