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XBLA Peggle gets multiplayer, 'online modes and features'

And if you don't think we're taking all the credit, we can settle this over a one-on-one multiplayer round of Peggle when it hits XBLA in Q2 this year. You see, when we called Peggle one of the best games of 2007 we closed by suggesting, "Maybe Peggle 2 will include some sort of Internet play option. PopCap ... you listening?" Evidently, not only were they listening, they were taking notes and – just to throw doubters off our scent – they're adding multiplayer functionality to Peggle 1!

In an interview done by the folks at Microsoft's Gamerscore Blog – powered by questions from Evil Avatar – PopCap's Greg Canessa confirms that the XBLA release will include "online modes and features" including multiplayer, but didn't offer any specifics short of that (co-op? versus?). You can check out the video after the break to hear it for yourself (scrub ahead to 2:40 to catch Greg's comments). Consider us pleased ... just send that royalty check over to our offices at 1337 Joystiq Way, alright PopCap?

[Via X3F]

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