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ADV Films going Blu-ray exclusive?

Darren Murph

We've been glossing this one over for some time now, as to this day we still can't find a confirmation from ADV Films one way or the other, but we felt it prudent to at least point out that the anime publisher could be going Blu-ray exclusive -- according to a "highly placed source at the company," anyway. ICv2 News has it that the company will be siding with Blu alone and releasing titles on the format "as early as this Spring," and while specifics weren't mentioned, said source was quoted as saying that newer flicks were "more important than catalog" films right now, so we'd expect some of the newest material to show up on BD first. Once again, we're taking this with a healthy dose of salt for the moment -- but it's not like we haven't seen major anime studios hem and haw over this very decision before.

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