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Gear upgrades in 2.4: Engineering goggles, tier 6 armor sets, and more


MMO-Champion reports that their sources have uncovered some news about loot in 2.4. In non-Sunwell news, recipes for upgraded versions of all the various BoP goggles have been found. Mostly, the recipes require large amounts of elemental primals, some khorium, and primal nethers. A peace offering for the recent Rocket Boots Xtreme change, perhaps?

We also have names for what appears to be the PvP armor that will be purchasable off of reputation vendors. They're all called "Battlegear," but we're seeing some familiar prefixes, such as "Kodohide" and "Dragonhide" for the Druids, and "Ornamented" for the Paladins.

MMO-Champion's sources claim that the new Sunwell armor may actually connect directly to Tier 6, counting for the 2 and 4 piece bonuses on those sets. It doesn't appear, however, that there will be additional bonuses beyond those already in place on the sets, but it should encourage people to get a few pieces of Tier 6 in some of the older content before they try their hand against Kil'jaedan.

Finally, a set called Latro's Flurry has been uncovered, with one of the set pieces being the preexisting Latro's Shifting Sword. We'll have to keep an eye out for the other sword, possibly from the Sunwell daily rep or the new 5-man dungeon.

The PTRs should be up soon, and hopefully we'll have confirmation on this and more of the news coming in soon enough.

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