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Richard Garriott is from Mars

Michael Zenke

We've always known it, right? Okay, that's not fair: Richard Garriott isn't literally from another planet, that's just a usefully illustrative statement used in the Gamasutra interview with the well-known designer posted earlier this week. Mr. Garriott has some unique opinions on a number of topics, which he shares over the course of a lengthy discussion. Topics covered by the design mogul include whether or not games are art, the resultant role of folks who make games, and the possibilities of the next-gen consoles.

He also (somewhat surprisingly) expresses a lot of interest in mobile games. Noting the Game Boy Ultima title Runes of Virtue as one of his favorites, he states his enthusiasm for mobile gaming as a platform, while (just a few sentences later) noting that the platform is nowhere near ready for the kinds of games he wants to make. He also states that most of the gaming industry's big names from recent years are 'under his radar' ... he hasn't even played Portal! An interesting discussion with a man that's obviously had a lot of impact on the MMO industry.

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