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The Giants are coming, but is it new Team ICO info? [Update]

Nick Doerr

There's a cryptic message over at Team ICO Gamers -- "The Giants are coming" with a tab in the upper-right of the website indicating only "February 10th". Does this have something to do with the next game by the developer? Or is it something much less exciting, like, say, a site redesign? They left it cryptic and vague, so we'll do the same by letting your imaginations run wild. Tomorrow we'll find out, we guess.

[Update 11:34AM: Their site's been down for a few hours now. We figured it might be a site redesign since it is just a fansite -- but the most important fansite. We'll keep checking and updating, so you guys keep your eyes peeled and let us know if you see anything first!]

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