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The Sony Ericsson Z770: "your life in a clamshell"

Chris Ziegler

This is a phone we've seen in the wild on a couple occasions, but we had one detail dead wrong: the model number. It turns out that Sony Ericsson's newest Z series flip is actually the Z770, not the Z660 we'd heard before. The company is billing the Z770 as a phone fit for people who need access to the internet (web and email, specifically) but aren't necessarily interested in stepping up to a full-fledged smartphone, featuring "easy" email setup, zoom / pan features in the web browser along with an actual mouse pointer (anyone familiar with S60's browser will get the idea here), and integrated support for Exchange ActiveSync. The GSM / EDGE 900 / 1800 / 1900, HSDPA 2100 handset will hit shelves in the second quarter in Vogue Red, Graphite Black, and Exquisite Gold.

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