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TMBG, Natasha Bedingfield headline Sims 2 FreeTime soundtrack

We generally don't get very excited about Sims 2 expansions. Don't get us wrong, we love the game (who doesn't), but the thought of dropping $29.99 for a few digital pairs of slacks just seems a little excessive -- there are real pairs of slacks we would invest in, had we the extra income. However, when looking over a recent press release for the game's latest addition, Sims 2 FreeTime, something radical caught our eye -- the game's soundtrack would feature Simlish remixes of actual recording artists, including the Twin Quasars of Rock themselves, They Might Be Giants.

Joining the Giants are Brit-pop princess Natasha Bedingfield, the small indie army of I'm From Barcelona, and a handful of other international artists, each providing a Simlish remix of one of their popular songs. It's a pretty awesome mix of off-the-mainstream tunes -- perhaps it will inspire Harmonix to explore some alternative jams for Rock Band DLC. Like, for instance, anything off of "Flood".

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