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DICE 08: Shane Kim talks Marvel MMO cancellation, Alan Wake

Justin McElroy

Shane Kim has been getting a lot of coverage at this year's DICE summit, and it's not just because he's got a thousand-watt smile that lights up a room. Microsoft has been pretty cagey about 2008 so far, and it seems like, thanks to Kim's hinting, the first details of a schedule for the year are just starting to solidify. If you want to know where your favorite upcoming title stands, look no further than MTV's comprehensive interview with Kim on all of the company's big 08/09 guns.

Besides hearing about how great Fable 2 is going to be (answer: very) we were especially intrigued by Kim's reluctance to pin down Alan Wake as a 2008 title. Also, though we were disappointed by the cancellation of the Marvel MMO, we have to admit we agree with the reasoning: In short, Microsoft noticed the dozens of subscription-based MMO carcasses that littered the road and decided that, perhaps, advancement was unwise. We heartily concur.

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