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Halo 2 finally joins Xbox 'Platinum Hits' collection


As one of the strongest titles in the Xbox library, Bungie's Halo 2 has been notably absent from Microsoft's "Platinum Hits" series, which features high-selling games at reduced prices a few years after their release. Now, it seems that Halo 2 has finally gone "platinum," with the required ugly box art remix, and an expected price drop down to $19.99 USD. Said ugly box art remix was recently added to Microsoft's press site.

Currently priced at $29.99, Halo 2's inception into the Platinum Hits would certainly be a good thing in terms of price. The bad side? The slick cover art of Master Chief has been cropped to make way for all the Platinum Hits gobbledeegook, and includes a big ugly inset reminding everyone that it's the "Best Selling Xbox Game Ever." The new box also reminds players that Halo 2 is playable on 360 (provided you have a hard drive).

If you have yet to pick up this modern classic, the price drop certainly makes it a good time to reconsider a purchase. When this beauty hits brick-and-mortar shelves, though, we recommend hunting down the old-box versions and requesting the new lower price. Nothing says "uncool" like owning the "greatest hits" version.

[Update: Microsoft has confirmed the news. An official announcement is forthcoming.]

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