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LiMo Foundation plans SDK for mid 2008


With all the hubbub over Android at Mobile World Congress this year (and in the world, in general), it only makes sense that other Linux-based contenders would step into the light. The LiMo Foundation -- a consortium of some pretty major players -- has announced plans for an official SDK in the second half of the year which will cover native, Java, and WebKit development. The software, dubbed the R1 LiMo Platform, will pull together existing APIs and development tools into a more cohesive whole, with ACCESS taking the lead on the native side, Aplix heading up Java development, and Motorola fleshing out the WebKit tools. There are 18 LiMo-powered handsets on display at Mobile World Congress this year, with seven vendors using the platform -- including Samsung and LG -- and the group says it's just added nine new companies to the team. The creation of a cohesive platform should bolster the consortium's position in the market. Says CCS Insight's Ben Wood, "To have a credible platform, a more detailed operating system framework is likely to be required."

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