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Resident Evil: Under Priced


If you're one of the few who decided this game wasn't worth owning at the $50 price range, you might want to give it a second look. Amazon's Deal of the Day has Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles on sale for the low price of $30. As if the prospect of shooting horde after horde of the undead wasn't enough to sell you ...

But, in case it wasn't enough to sell you on the game, this should sell you on it. The game will also ship for free from Amazon, so no need to plunk down any extra dough there. If you don't know why we're so excited for an on-rail shooter, you haven't read our review of the game.

Note: If you're interested in this sale, don't hesitate. It was already pulled once while we've been watching it. The game is no doubt a hot item right now.


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