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This Wednesday: Commanders, Discs of Tron assault XBLA


Turn-based strategy and relentless disc flinging will be coming to Xbox Live Arcade this week, with Commanders: Attack of the Genos and Discs of Tron scheduled to arrive on Wednesday. Sierra Online's Commanders pits you (a commander, we suspect) against an invading army of genetically modified miscreants who, at the very least, are polite enough to wage war in turns. Fifteen missions, fifteen specialized units and a "retro-futuristic" setting can be had for 800 MS Points ($10).

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As the title succinctly implies, Discs of Tron is primarily concerned with opponents hurling Tron discs at each other, very often while standing on discs within Tron. The disc-less download, which sports enhanced graphics and "CD-quality sound," will require you to discard 400 of your MS Points ($5).

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