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Verizon FiOS to start transition to all digital in the spring

Ben Drawbaugh

Yeah, you read that right, the all fiber optic television provider has analog signals, but not for long. Once upon a time FiOS promised the FCC it'd be all digital in time for the analog shutoff and to work towards that goal, Verizon has started sending out letters and has setup a web page to help educate its customers. So while other providers plan to offer analog simulcasts of the digital signal for three years after Feb '09, Verizon will be providing free inexpensive STBs for those in need. We assume this will happen market by market as an all at once national role out seems implausible, so if you accustomed to enjoying the dozen or so analog channels via FiOS on the remaining analog TVs in your house, you should be hearing from Verizon sometime between April and next January. Of course this is good news for HD fans, as we all know each analog SD channels uses the same throughput as two high quality HD channels -- three if your cable.

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