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Aperture 2 is here

Nik Fletcher

Let's just say it: Aperture 2 is here - and boy are some of us here at TUAW excited. Amongst the news, the full-price of the application has dropped to just $199 US, with the paid upgrade being just $99. That's down from the previous full price of $299 -- a price currently retained by competitor Adobe Lightroom (we'll see how long that lasts).

New features include:

  • Quick Preview mode -- 'for rapid-fire photo browsing'
  • re-engineered database for the application to allow Quick Preview touted to be snappy even with half-million-image libraries.
  • an all-in-one heads-up panel for Library, Adjustment and Meta-data controls.
  • a selection of new tools: Recovery for blown highlights, Vignette & Devignette, Definition , Vibrancy and Repair and Retouch
  • .Mac Web Gallery integration
  • and 'All Projects' view, not dissimilar to iPhoto '08's 'Events' view
  • improved RAW decoding
The new version is available to buy in the US online store now, and undoubtedly heading to other international online stores soon, though the Aperture site has yet to be updated to reflect the changes now got the low-down on the new features.

Thanks to all those who sent this in!

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