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DMC4 for Xbox 360 outsells PS3 in UK

It's been said that the most important thing in this generation of hardware is exclusive software that helps differentiate one console from another. While Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony have had their share of exclusive third-party titles (of varying quality) the most talked about issues stem from titles going multiplatform. Such was the case for Devil May Cry 4, which when announced for the Xbox 360 and PC sent Sony loyalists into a maddening spiral of rage. The incentive for publishers to distribute once exclusive titles across multiple platforms opens the flood gates of potential profits (Read: monies) and that excuse seems to be paying off for Capcom.

According to a report from the initial sales figures of DMC4 favor the Xbox 360 version in the UK claiming 61% of the title's total software launch sales while Sony and the PC share the claims the remaining 39%. While we think it's great to have quality releases from Capcom in this generation for the Xbox we doubt anything they do can ever make up for Dino Crisis 3.

Update: Whoops, the PC version hasn't been released.

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