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Don't you Spore-get about Wii

Candace Savino

If you've been checking some of your favorite game sites, there's a good chance you've already heard about Spore's September release date. Wii owners were kicked to the curb and left out in the cold after the announcement, though, which made no mention of the game's presence on Nintendo's newest home console.

We may not have a date, but thanks to N'Gai Croal, Wii owners have some tiny morsel details to nibble on. The good news is that these details make the Wii version sound like the most immersive of any, and not just because of the Wiimote. Okay, it's totally because of the Wiimote.

In a Newsweek interview with Will Wright, the Spore creator talks about the benefits of putting the game on the Wii. Apparently, Nintendo's system has a higher bandwith controller than the other consoles (and computers). Because of that, the creatures have the potential for an infinite number of animations. Wright also said that he has spent a lot of time working on even the most subtle aspects of the Wiimote controls, which makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It's nice when the Wii's controller is used to its full potential, and not just as a gimmick.

Hopefully the Wii version will be as good as it sounds -- we'd hate to wait an extra long time, only to be disappointed. No pressure there, Mr. Wright ... no pressure at all.

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