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Energizer unveils the Light-on-Demand modular LED lighting system

Nilay Patel

Energizer is definitely on the right track with its new Light-on-Demand modular LED lighting system, which features battery-backed LED light units that plug into a variety of fixtures and keep going even when the power goes out, but we'll wait until the designers can shake a little more ugly off this kit before we bring it home. The line is launching with several standard fixtures like the wired desk lamp and wireless wall sconce shown here, as well as a wireless motion detector and several emergency lighting solutions. Energizer says the gear was developed in response to research that showed people were "frustrated" by power outages and wanted lamps that stayed lit even during blackouts -- which seems fairly obvious to us, but we're not lighting researchers. Light-on-Demand units should be popping up in Targets later this month, but if Energizer really wanted to make a go of this, they'd hit us with a battery-backed LED light bulb, no?

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