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Far Cry 2 is an impressively nice fit for PS3

Majed Athab

Many game developers have found the PS3 hardware difficult to work with ... intimidating even. Ubisoft Montreal, developer of Far Cry 2, was no exception and had some worries about developing for the PS3 in the past; however, those uncertain feelings have apparently been dispelled, according to a recent interview with tech director Dominic Guay.

Guay had a lot of positive things to say, calling the raw processing power of the PS3 'impressive' and the hardware architecture a 'nice fit' for their technical designs. He appraises Blu-ray and the PS3's hard drive saying they're ideal for Far Cry 2's continuously streaming open world. The only downside is that the PS3 can't compare to some higher end PC resolutions due to memory size differences, but "it's not a big deal" says Guay.

With the PS3 out for more than a year now, and developer kits out way longer than that, developers have had a lot of time getting to know the hardware they'll be developing for in the next few years. If this is a sign for anything, it must mean that we'll be hearing more and more positive comments like Dominic Guay's in the near future.

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