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i-mate officially adds 8502, 9502 to Ultimate line

Chris Ziegler

Those two rather dashing new models in i-mate's off-again, on-again Ultimate line that we peeped all the way back at CTIA last fall are finally official. The 9502, undoubtedly the more interesting of the pair, is almost Sidekick-ish in its design, featuring a VGA touchscreen that slides to the side to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard. The 8502 meanwhile makes do with a more traditional form factor, sticking the QWERTY pad below the 2.6 inch QVGA display up front. Both models feature HSPA (yes, both HSDPA and HSUPA), TV out, and integrated GPS, hence earning their keep in the thin-but-growing Ultimate stable. Still no word on release or pricing, but since they've both been kicking around since CTIA, we imagine we'll see 'em in the pipe before too long.

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