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LoN tournament this weekend grants Antonia Bayle card

William Dobson

There are countless citizens of Norrath out there who would love to pick up the fair ruler of Qeynos, Antonia Bayle. Well, now you can! Err, pick up her card, that is. This weekend marks the next Legends of Norrath tournament, and all entrants will receive an "Antonia Bayle, Ruler of Qeynos" card. As well as this, they will have the choice of two loot cards, the "Nimbus of the Lover" for EverQuest and "Poisoned Fists" for EverQuest II.

Entry to the tournament costs 10 event passes as per usual, and is limited to U.S. residents. The minimum prize consists of the above cards, and 3 booster packs (with the top tier of players taking home increasingly more of these). The starting time is 7:00AM PST on Saturday February 16th, and the tournament will wrap up at 9:00PM PST on Monday the 18th. Check past the break for full tournament details.

Tournament Times

Beginning at 7:00 a.m. (PST) on Saturday, February 16, 2008 and continuing through 9:00 p.m. (PST) Monday, February 18, 2008.

Loot Tournament Weekend Event

  • Entry Fee: 10 Event Passes (each player will receive at least 3 booster packs plus two (2) limited cards for participating!)
  • Format/Deck: Standard Constructed
  • Queue Size: 64-Player
  • 1st Place: Eight (8) Booster Packs*
  • 2nd Place: Seven (7) Booster Packs*
  • 3rd Place: Six (6) Booster Packs*
  • 4th Place: Six (6) Booster Packs*
  • 5th – 25th Place: Four (4) Booster Packs*
  • Remaining Entrants: Three (3) Booster Packs*

*Booster Pack prizes will be a combination of Oathbound and Forsworn

Each player will receive an Antonia Bayle, Ruler of Qeynos (2P8) promo card and a choice of either a Nimbus of the Lover (2EQP2) or Poisoned Fists (2EQIIP2) promotional loot card.

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