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Lord British's history of violence

Kyle Horner

If you've ever played a game made by Richard Garriott, then chances are you've probably encountered (or at least heard of) his alternate persona, Lord British. Ever since his very first game Akalabeth, the character of Lord British has been something of a digital signature for Garriott. However, being a lord comes with its personal risks, as many players are always trying to find ways to stick a knife in you.

For all he might have tried, every time a game was released with Lord British in it, players would figure out ways around the code and put him in the ground. With nine Ultima games and the more well-known Ultima Online incarnation, Lord British has bitten the dust more than a few times. Many of people never played the original Ultima series or weren't there when the infamous fire spell blasted Lord British face-first into the ground.

It's for this reason the you'll probably want to check out an article by CVG chronicling the many different deaths of Lord British. They even cover the way in which General British was killed during the beta for Tabula Rasa.

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