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Mass Effect to drop for the PC in May, EA to publish

Jason Dobson

Mass Effect's long-rumored jump to the PC is now a certainty, as publisher Electronic Arts has taken the popular action RPG under its wing with plans to publish the title for the PC in May. The game is the first in a new deal struck between EA and Microsoft, which will see the publisher bringing this and other unspecified games to the PC market.

According to EA, Mass Effect has undergone a slight makeover for its PC debut, with new PC-centric "fully customizable" controls, the ability to assign hot keys for "run and gun control," an enhanced inventory system, and a new decryption minigame. The publisher also boasts of the version's new "highly detailed" visuals, though we're curious to see if the console version's horrendous texture pop-in will be checked at the door before boarding the painfully slow rising elevator leading to Mass Effect's spring release.

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