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Massively premieres TurpsterVision

Mike Schramm

We almost can't believe it's true, but it is. If you're a fan of the WoW Insider Show (and our representative from WoW Radio, Turpster), you won't want to miss Massively's new weekly feature, TurpsterVision. Every Tuesday, the loveable rogue (who actually plays a Gnome Warrior in WoW) will premiere a brand new video segment, full of Turpstery goodness. Massively, if you didn't know, is a blog like WoW Insider, but for all MMOs (not just Warcraft), and each week Turpster will examine another wacky game in the quickly-growing world of online gaming. And it's probably a good guess that he'll also do whatever else he thinks of, too-- his is a kind of rampant talent that you just can't control.

This week, he examines The Endless Forest, an MMO that we don't recommend playing unless you really, really like deer and dancing in wooded graveyards. Yeah-- just watch the video over on Massively, and you'll see what we mean. We welcome Turpster to the Joystiq family (he's like the drunken, obscene cousin, but we totally mean that in a good way), and we're sure that the new TurpsterVision will be a must-watch every single Tuesday.

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